Kale Quinoa Salad

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This colorful salad is far from boring! Filled with a variety of textures and flavors, every bite is sure to keep you wanting more. Our Blackberry Vinaigrette has just enough sweetness to pull all the ingredients together, without overpowering.  


3 cups Chopped kale
1 cup Cooked quinoa (add 20 minutes to prep time and start this first if you don't have it on hand).
1/4 cup Chopped radishes
1/4 cup Chopped almonds
1/2 cup  Fresh blackberries
1/4 cup Fresh mango
DRESS IT UP DRESSING Blackberry Vinaigrette


All credit goes to @alexalettuce for this recipe!
Check out her website for for awesome nutritionist approved recipes & tips.

The fruit in this salad brings out the subtle sweetness of the Blackberry Vinaigrette, making the dish nice and bright. The combination of kale and quinoa provides a substantial foundation for the salad, the radishes add a little bite, and the almonds add some needed crunch.
All of the things you’re looking for in a salad!

Simply prepare ingredients as directed above. Tip from @alexalettuce – cook the quinoa in veggie broth with minced garlic for easy, delicious flavor. Place your prepared ingredients in a bowl, on top of a bed of kale. Add as much dressing as desired and enjoy!

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