Fig, Arugula & Pecorino Salad

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Slowing down, and savoring the moment is key to feeling balance (though we know the slowing down part is often easier said than done). It’s also the secret to enjoying this salad since the window for enjoying fresh figs seems to close as quick as it opens. On the surface, this is a ridiculously simple salad. No fuss, just our Blackberry Vinaigrette paired with peppery baby arugula, fresh figs, and tendrils of shaved Pecorino cheese (Parmigiana works beautifully, too). It offers a lovely way to end the meal, but also works well as a side salad, served with grilled fish.


2 cups Baby arugula
Pecorino or Parmigiano cheese, shaved or shredded
2-3 Fresh figs, sliced or cut into quarters
1 Tbsp
DRESS IT UP DRESSING Blackberry Vinaigrette


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