Second Sesame Sprout Delight

Serves Prep Time Cook Time  Total Time
4 15 15 30


We've made this recipe a number of ways, substituting different cheeses or nuts to offer varying flavor combinations. 

All are amazing. In our house, this is the fall back. 

The brussel sprouts and sesame tahini are the base. From there, find your favorite flavor combo. 


2 cups Brussels Sprouts
1/4 cup Pine Nuts
2 tbsp.  Gruyère Cheese, shredded
just a splash Walnut Oil or Olive Oil
1/4 cup
DRESS IT UP DRESSING Sesame Tahini Dressing


Serve hot or chilled. (Leftovers are amazing!)

Start by rinsing and trimming your Brussels sprouts. Once prepped, take about 2/3 of your sprouts and chop them in half. Thinly slice the remaining third.

Lightly toast the pine nuts by putting in a pan over light heat – watch carefully as they take seconds to burn. Set aside.

Lightly coat the same pan with walnut oil, place your halved Brussels sprouts face down in the pan and let them brown. Once browned, add the shaved sprouts, ¼ cup of Sesame Tahini, and cook until sprouts are slightly softened.

Finish by topping with pine nuts and Gruyere.

Serve & enjoy!

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